We Fight Traffic Tickets and DUI’s in Washington

Welcome to the Barbara A Bowden law firm.  Ms. Bowden has proudly and skillfully defended citizens charged with DUI in the State of Washington for twenty-six years.  Together with five associate attorneys, the Bowden firm has a combined experience over 75 years defending DUI cases.  We have an energetic and caring support staff of paralegals whose mission it is to ease your burden and make it easier for you and your loved ones to get through this difficult time.

Barbara Bowden is legendary in the Pierce County legal community.  She is widely respected by both judges, prosecutors, and fellow defense attorneys for her tireless effort on behalf of her clients defending their constitutional rights against governmental infringement, preserving their driving privileges, assisting them to obtain chemical dependency treatment where necessary and appropriate, and fighting vigorously on their behalf for fair treatment throughout the process.  She is often called upon to speak with expertise at continuing legal education seminars training other lawyers on DUI defense and driver’s licensing issues.

Ms. Bowden’s office is open Mondays through Friday and free consultations are scheduled throughout the week as well as Saturday mornings.  Whether or not this is your first encounter with the DUI accusatory process, you can be confident in knowing that Ms. Bowden has artfully crafted her defense skills and does not shy away from difficult or complicated cases.  After you have met with Barbara Bowden for a free consultation, you will leave the office with a better understanding of the road ahead, and confident that you have made the right choice in placing your trust in her hands.