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When You’re Charged With a DUI in Lakewood, Washington

Police Car LightsAs you are driving down Interstate 5 listening to 94.1 on FM radio, you settle into autopilot navigating your way towards your Lakewood, Washington home.

Your heart stops as you look in the rearview; red and blue flashing lights fill every inch of the mirror.

As you pullover to the side of the road, you recall the last time you were pulled over. You were merely a teenage driver making your first speedy mistake on the Pacific Highway. Déjà vu sets in as you scramble to remember where your registration and insurance information is hidden amidst your messy dashboard compartment.

Your palms get sweaty with nervousness; you had been drinking that night.

Before you even roll down your window to speak with the Lakewood officer, questions and worries dance through your mind. Why did they pull me over? I wasn’t even speeding. What if they ask me to do field sobriety tests? Am I required to take a Breathalyzer test? I’m not drunk, but can I still be charged with a DUI? What is the BAC limit in Washington, anyway?

If you are pulled over in Lakewood, WA and charged with a DUI for the first time, you most likely do not know the answers to any of these important questions. And why would you? No one makes plans to get caught drinking and driving. However, if you have been charged with drinking and driving , the first plan you should make is to call a DUI defense lawyer.

The consequences of being charged with a DUI can be detrimental in more ways than one. Your driver’s license, job, finances, and ultimately your daily life can all be affected immensely. One mistake can leave you in a lurch. Know this; you will not be making a mistake by contacting a Washington DUI lawyer with experience in Lakewood and throughout Pierce County.

At the Law Offices of Barbara A. Bowden, we are those DUI lawyers. At our office, you aren’t just any driver charged with a DUI. You are a valued Lakewood resident who genuinely needs help, and we want to give you just that.

Not every DUI case in Lakewood, Washington, is the same. At the Law Offices of Barbara A. Bowden, we will walk through your unique case and figure out the best possible plan of action. We believe in fair treatment by the law, and we will fight for it.

Are you ready to fight against your DUI charge in Lakewood? Contact a DUI lawyer at Law Offices of Barbara A. Bowden. Find the answers to your questions, and solutions for your strife.

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