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Do I need a DUI attorney?

If you’ve been arrested for a drinking and driving charge, the answer to this question is always yes. But you don’t need just any DUI attorney. It is crucial that you have an experienced DUI attorney fighting for your rights immediately after your arrest.

To learn more about how we fight for people after they’ve been arrested for a drinking and driving charge, read our DUI Defense page here.

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Do I need a traffic ticket lawyer?

“It’s my first ticket—do I really need you?”

We get this question almost every day. If you don’t get another ticket you may not need a traffic ticket attorney. But what if you get another ticket? What if you get a third ticket? What if you get a fourth? The answer to this question is definitely less.

If you’ve read our traffic tickets page and through other questions and answers about moving violations, you understand that the more tickets you get, the more consequences you’ll experience.

Think of it this way: fighting your first ticket is kind of like an insurance policy for the future.

Be safe, not sorry. Take care of your small problem before it becomes a bigger problem. Remember: we won’t charge you if you don’t need us. We aren’t going to take you down a road if we don’t need to take you there.

If you have questions and don’t know whether or not you should pay your traffic ticket, don’t hesitate; call our office today.

Remember that you have a very, very short window of time to act on this.

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Can you remove my traffic ticket from my driving record?

This is what we call vacating “appealing” the traffic ticket from your record. That is what we are doing in order to try and clear it from your record.

This isn’t something we do all the time, though. At the Law Offices of Barbara A. Bowden, we try to avoid this by fighting the ticket in the first place. There are only certain situations in which we would try to vacate a traffic violation.

When they’re habitual traffic offenders and facing license revocation or they violated their suspension by getting two or more moving violations within a 12‑month period, that is when we will go to court to try to vacate tickets to restore the drivers license. Because at that point, it isn’t just a speeding ticket; it is a seven-year revocation, which takes an incredible toll on your life.

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