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Barbara A. Bowden

Attorney & Owner

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Barbara Ann Bowden first knew she wanted to be an attorney because of her father. He was also an attorney, and if you asked Barbara about him, she’d say he was the kindest, nicest, most helpful lawyer one could ever meet.

She decided to pave her own path in law pretty early on in her education; she, too, was driven by that same passion he had for helping the people of Tacoma, Washington. It is that drive and those family values that laid the foundation for the solid, community-oriented business that the Law Offices of Barbara A. Bowden is today.

“I believe in treating others the way I would want to be treated.”

Born and raised in Western Washington, she graduated from Kent/Meridian High School in 1977. Barbara went on to complete her undergraduate studies at Washington State University, where she graduated with honors in 1982. Barbara continued her education and graduated with honors from the University of Puget Sound Law School in 1985. During her studies, she also passed the CPA exam. She became a licensed attorney in the State of Washington in 1986 and has been serving Tacoma and surrounding areas ever since! Her prolific success in the courtroom and experience practicing DUI and traffic defense law are undeniable. She also speaks regularly at Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars.

“I’m passionate about education and knowledge because they give you freedom. Education gave me the ability to truly make an impact on peoples’ lives.”

Barbara’s favorite part of being a defense attorney is handling a case from beginning to end. She loves having the ability to turn something negative into something positive with the help of her office.  When someone calls her office, they could be stressed; they could be weary and under a lot of pressure. She loves being an attorney not only because she can help people, but also because she can wipe away their fears and relieve them of their stress. She is extremely passionate about making a positive impact on people’s lives through the tireless work of her law office.

When Barbara is not in the office (or in the courtroom–the life of a successful trial attorney!), she is doing her other job–being a mom. Being a single mom, you can imagine that Barbara is quite busy. Her daughters, Jenny and Abby are 12 and 13. Jenny is very artistic and Abby is very competitive in sports. especially soccer. That’s not all; her family also takes care of 4 dwarf goats, 3 chickens, 3 dogs, 3 hamsters, and 3 cats.

She’ll tell anyone: her two daughters inspire her more and more every day. They’ve even volunteered to help Barbara create videos to increase her website presence. She’s inspired by their perseverance and enduring joy. Barbara demonstrates that same enthusiasm and perseverance in the courtroom.

Enthusiasm and excellence are not the only things she brings to the courtroom, either. If you’ve seen Barbara in the courthouse, you know all about Trial Bear, the sparkly, jewel-studded bear she wears when she goes to trial.

Click here to read the story behind Trial Bear and why Barbara Bowden wears it every time she goes to trial.

Barbara Bowden with kids and dogs


Quick Facts About Barbara Bowden

  • Favorite sports team: Seahawks and WSU Cougars
  • Favorite treat: Girl Scout cookies (Barbara bought twenty boxes just this year!)
  • Favorite restaurants: Casa Mia
  • Supported causes: Humane Society, breast cancer awareness, foster care programs
  • Favorite book: anything by Danielle Steele

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