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Pierce County Traffic Ticket Attorney

Traffic Ticket Attorney in Pierce County

If you’ve been issued with a traffic ticket in Pierce County, it could have a significant impact on your career and, sometimes, your future. However, most people don’t realize how serious the matter is and its impact on their driving record until months later when it’s already too late. To understand the importance of hiring a Pierce County traffic ticket attorney, let’s evaluate other options available at your disposal.

Options for Fighting Traffic Tickets in Pierce County

In Pierce County and the state of Washington in general, you only have three options whenever you’re issued a traffic ticket.

Pay The Ticket Fine

Some Pierce County residents choose this option, especially if they want to carry on with their day-to-day activities without worrying about the ticket. Although paying the ticket fine is an easy way out, it can have severe consequences soon.

This is because the ticket goes on the driver’s record, leading to an increase in insurance rates for the next three years. Considering the repercussions involved, paying the fine uncontested shouldn’t even be an option.

Consider Mitigation

If you choose this option, you’re admitting to the offense, but you have a valid excuse to present to the court and have your fine lowered. If the excuse is genuine, the judge may decide to reduce the fine amount.

However, this depends on the type of ticket and your driving record. Just like the first option, the ticket will still appear on your record for the next three years. So, mitigation isn’t always the best option to take, especially if it’s a moving violation ticket.

Request for a Deferred Disposition

You can request a deferred disposition if you have a moving or non-moving violation. This is also considered admittance of guilt, but you’ll be asking the court for leniency.

One major difference is that instead of having the ticket reflect on your record for three years, a deferred disposition usually requests the court to dismiss it after a year or less.

You should know that there are circumstances where the court won’t grant a deferral. For instance, if you were issued a ticket near a school zone or an accident occurred.

Contest the Ticket

Contesting the ticket is the best option for anyone who wants to keep a clean driving record and low insurance rates. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re disputing breaking the law.

Instead, it requests the prosecutor to prove that you actually violated any law.

For this reason, the burden falls on the prosecutor to prove that you deserved the ticket. But there are only two outcomes if you choose to contest the ticket; you can either win or lose the case.

If you win, the ticket won’t go on your record, and you’ll be exempted from paying the fine. However, if you lose, you’ll need to pay the ticket fine, and the ticket will appear on your record for three years.

What To Do When You Get a Traffic Ticket in Pierce County

Contesting the ticket is the best option, especially if you have an experienced Pierce County traffic ticket attorney to represent you in court. An experienced attorney can request the prosecutor to change the charges from a moving violation to a non-moving violation. If the prosecutor agrees to amend the charges, you’ll be liable to pay the ticket fine, but the ticket won’t reflect on your record.

But if the prosecutor decides not to amend the charges, you’ll need to argue your case in court and let the judge decide whether to remove the ticket. If so, our traffic infraction attorneys will review the police report, gathering crucial evidence to have it dismissed.

This happens most of the time because prosecutors in Pierce County aren’t required by law to appear in this type of court case. Instead, they can only be present in court if served with a subpoena. Otherwise, the judge will only rely on the police report of the officer who gave you the ticket.

As mentioned before, it’s typically recommended to fight the ticket even if you don’t know the outcome. First, if you win the case, it saves you money that you’d have spent on paying the ticket fine and increased insurance rates. Secondly, your record will remain clean.

Is It a Bad Idea to Represent Yourself in Court?

You can decide to contest the ticket on your own or hire an attorney to represent you. The latter is always the best option because traffic ticket attorneys from The Law Offices of Barbara Bowden have enough experience and expertise to get you the best possible outcome. Besides, it’s much easier for the judge to rule against you if you’re representing yourself than when you hire an attorney.

An experienced Pierce County traffic attorney is usually familiar with similar cases and rulings made by different judges in the state and can advise you on the best course of action to take.

Some people opt to hire an attorney only after contesting the ticket on their own and losing. This isn’t always advisable because it leaves the attorney with very few options or arguments when taking up that particular case.

For this reason, always contact a traffic attorney as soon as you receive a traffic ticket. This gives the lawyer enough time to study your case and prepare crucial evidence for your defense.

What Happens if I Receive Multiple Traffic Tickets?

Having more than one ticket on your license can have serious consequences. You risk having your license suspended or facing a probation period.

Both outcomes aren’t favorable; the best thing to do in such a situation is to find an experienced Pierce County traffic ticket attorney from a reputable law firm like The Law Offices of Barbara Bowden to help you fight the ticket.

Worst case scenario, if the traffic attorney can’t help you beat the ticket, they can negotiate with the prosecutors to reduce the charges. The main goal is to keep the infraction off your record.

When You Need a Pierce County Traffic Ticket Attorney

At The Law Offices of Barbara Bowden, our Pierce County traffic attorneys are always prepared to fight for you in court and keep your driving record clean. We have over 30 years of experience in handling traffic ticket cases in Pierce County and the entire state of Washington.

If in doubt, check the over 170 reviews left on Google by past clients we successfully helped resolve their cases.

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