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I was given a lot of paperwork at the station. What is the most important?

The following two pieces of paperwork are very, very important during the first days after your DUI:

  • Hearing Request Form: Do not disregard this form. You must mail this within 20 days of your date or arrest with a fee.
  • Court Date: Depending on the circumstances of your arrest, you may receive a court date or you could get a court date in the mail at a later date. 

Your court date is typically one to three days after your arrest.

What if I wasn’t notified of a court date?

Oftentimes the police officer will not inform you of your court date. However, you should receive a summons in the mail to appear in court.

Do I need an attorney for my first court appearance?

Yes. If you want to avoid possible consequences, you need an experienced DUI attorney to represent you at court, even at your first appearance.

If you go to this court appointment without a DUI defense attorney, you could possibly  go back to jail depending on your circumstances. We know you only have a few days to figure this out, but our team can help you immensely in this short amount of time. We’re proactive and we take action quickly and efficiently.

Can I prepare for my court date?

Our law office is always prepared for each step. We don’t wait for the court to tell us to do something—we do it. Barbara doesn’t just try to get things done; she gets them done.  When Barbara wants an appointment, she gets it. She doesn’t ask—she tells. She has the resources, the experience, and the drive not only to just get things done for her clients, but get them done well.

When you call us, we won’t just run through a long list of things you need to get done; we’ll help you get each and every one of the things you need to do get done

What will happen at court?

Your arresting officer will not be present at your court appearance. You should have a DUI defense attorney to represent you at this first court appearance.

First, the judge will determine whether or not there was probable cause for the DUI charge. This hinges on many factors. Some of these include:

  • Breath or blood test result
  • Field sobriety test results
  • Police report including the driving

If the judge does find probable cause for the DUI charge and usually they do, they will then set the conditions of your release.  These conditions of your release will depend on a lot of factors:

  • Do you have a criminal or DUI history?
  • What was the result of your blood or breath test?
  • Were you compliant with the police
  • Do you have a valid license?

Every judge is different. But the rule of thumb is that the higher your breath or blood test, the more severe your conditions of release could be. The amount of criminal or DUI history will also have a great effect on these conditions.

Depending on my conditions, what are the immediate consequences?

Ignition Interlock:The court could require you to immediately obtain an ignition interlock device for any and all vehicles you operate.  These aren’t provided. You have to pay for them, and—take it from us—they are not cheap.

Jail: You could be taken into custody and set bail at a high dollar amount.

24 Hour Alcohol Monitoring: You could be required to obtain and pay for a 24-hour alcohol-monitoring device. You would need to wear this 24 hours a day to record whether you have any alcohol in your system. 

House Arrest: To be on house arrest, you would be required to wear an ankle bracelet. Also, the court does not provide this ankle bracelet. This is also something you’d need to pay for.

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