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Washington State Towing and Impounding Q&A

Being arrested for a DUI is inconvenient enough, but when you add on the fact that your car’s been towed, your life becomes downright difficult. You’re mad and you’re angry. You think to yourself, “Can this get any worse?”

Our Tacoma, Washington DUI attorneys at the Law Offices of Barbara A. Bowden will do everything we can to help you. We too do not want things to get worse.  Know that the first few days after DUI arrests are beyond crucial. You need an attorney—and fast.

When the going gets tough, you call Barbara Bowden.

We know how confusing this time is, but you have to act fast. You must; your court date could be tomorrow (yes, tomorrow), and you don’t want to go through this alone and without the right information.

You may have found and read our brochure, given us a call, and spoken to an attorney. Great, you’re on the right track. The questions and answers below are meant to further inform you so that you can go through this process with all of your questions answered. We’ll fight for you and help you when you’re in this situation, but we don’t want you to feel lost during the process.

Know that our team is here for you, even on the weekend.

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