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What’s Up in Tacoma?

Is that mid-Summer boredom beginning to kick in? We know the feeling. It’s not quite time for the kids to go back to school yet, but you have just about exhausted all of your planned activities for the family in a couple short months. Summer is never easy because you want to find the perfect balance of productivity, both at work and around the house, and leisurely activities to keep you grounded. We know from experience that the best way to cure a little summer boredom is with some good, old-fashioned, fun! We collected some information about upcoming events near our Tacoma, Washington office in August!

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We always advocate for being safe at these types of events which may include having a designated driver to take care of the group’s travels.

Below are some events in the Tacoma area that are coming in the upcoming several weeks:

August 6-9: Pierce County Fair

Price: Available on website

The Pierce County Fair has been around since 1947, and you do not want to miss it this year. The Fair will take place in Frontier Park, and there will be plenty of entertainment for the entire family. There will be a circus, a tractor pull for the kids, delicious food and more. As noted on their website, the fair gives a glimpse into the agricultural history of Pierce County, while incorporating modern aspects, as well.

August 8: Music & Art in Wright Park

Price: FREE! 

Do you love rock and roll? This is a wonderful opportunity to listen to some live (and free) music in Wright Park. This event began in August of 1993, and it will take place from noon until 7:00 p.m. this year. Music & Art in Wright Park is a family friendly event, and it will include 14 local bands, tasty food and over 2,500 attendees! You can learn more on the event Facebook page here.

August 29: LeMay Car Show

Price: Available on website

For over 30 years, the LeMay Family Collection Foundation, a non-profit organization, has hosted The LeMay Car Show in Tacoma, WA. This event hosts thousands of people who are eager to see vintage vehicles, antiques, dolls and more! There will be an auction for nearly 100 vintage vehicles, and if you’re feeling philanthropic, feel free to volunteer at the car show. The event will begin at 9:00 a.m. and will go until 5:00 p.m. For more information, visit their website here.

These are some great opportunities to experience something different with the entire family. If you do decide to drink at these events, The Law Offices of Barbara A. Bowden would suggest designating another driver to take everyone home. We want the people of Tacoma to be safe and have fun! We hope to see you at some, if not all, of these events!