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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Traffic Ticket


Getting pulled over and being issued a traffic ticket can be the start of what may feel like the greatest hassle of your life. It’s not just the ticket, or the fine, or even that you got pulled over; it’s the steps afterward that you need to take to make the ticket go away that can really make your skin crawl. When you’re in the middle of dealing with this unplanned annoyance, a thought most likely crosses your mind– can I just ignore my traffic ticket?

If you asked the traffic ticket lawyers at The Law Offices of Barbara A. Bowden, we would answer with a resounding NO.

We hate to break it to you, but traffic tickets aren’t the type of things that just disappear over time if you pretend they aren’t there. While the lingering ticket may not immediately affect your day-to-day, it could hurt you in ways you didn’t’ expect. While it is important to go to work, pick up your kids, and go about your daily routine uninterrupted, taking care of your traffic ticket should also be a priority, as perturbing as it is.

Not convinced? Below are three reasons why, despite how easy of a plan it may seem to be, you actually shouldn’t ignore your traffic ticket.

  1. Endangered Driving Privileges: In Washington, if you accumulate too many traffic tickets within a certain time period, your driving license could be suspended. As a habitual traffic offender, you could also be put on probation, limiting your driving privileges. During this probation period, if you get another traffic ticket, your license would be suspended.
  2. Raised Insurance Rates: Insurance companies look at traffic tickets and moving violations when determining your premiums. You can bet your bottom dollar that an unpaid ticket on your record won’t make them think twice about increasing your insurance rate.
  3. You Could Fight Your Ticket: Depending on the circumstances of your traffic ticket, it might be worth fighting. By contacting a traffic ticket lawyer and discussing your case, you can evaluate whether or not it would be worth your trouble. If you ignore your ticket, though, you could miss the window of opportunity. By waiting, you are cheating yourself from the possibility that you may not have to pay it.

If you have questions about your traffic ticket, and whether or not you should pay it or fight it, contact a traffic ticket attorney at your nearest convenience.


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