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5 Ways to Get Pulled Over [Infographic]

5 Ways to get pulled over | Traffic Ticket Attorney Tacoma, WA

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If you want to avoid getting pulled over you should consider avoiding these 5 common ways that will often result in a traffic stop. If you do get pulled over for doing one of these things (or something else), it is important to speak with an experience attorney immediately.

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5 Most Common Ways to Get Pulled Over

5 Most Common Ways to Get Pulled OverHow do you avoid being pulled over?

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, around 17.7 million people that are over the age of 15 indicated that their last encounter with the police was being pulled over while driving, which amounts to about 8 percent of the driving population in the United States.  It may seem like random luck of the draw who ends up getting pulled over by the police, but the truth is that police cannot watch every single driver on the road at all times, so they look for signs to see who is causing the most potential danger to other motorists or who is the most visible traffic offender.  Making sure you are avoiding the five most common ways officers look for who to pull over can help ensure that you are much less likely to be stopped by law enforcement.

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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Traffic Ticket


Getting pulled over and being issued a traffic ticket can be the start of what may feel like the greatest hassle of your life. It’s not just the ticket, or the fine, or even that you got pulled over; it’s the steps afterward that you need to take to make the ticket go away that can really make your skin crawl. When you’re in the middle of dealing with this unplanned annoyance, a thought most likely crosses your mind– can I just ignore my traffic ticket?
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