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What are the penalties for a DUI in Washington?

In the State of Washington, we break down DUIs into two categories. You have your enhanced DUI, and basically a standard DUI.

A standard DUI is one where there is no breath test or you blew under a 0.15. Enhanced penalties will attach if you either refused a breath test or your blood alcohol level was a 0.15 or above.

For a standard DUI, if you are convicted or you enter a plea of guilty, the mandatory minimum penalties are one day in jail. There’s a 90‑day license suspension and a one‑year ignition interlock requirement.

If you have a 90‑day license suspension, you can have an ignition interlock license, so you’re never without a license. You will also have to complete an alcohol evaluation and follow‑up treatment, and your fines will range between a thousand and two thousand dollars.

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