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What happens when I get pulled over for a DUI?

If you get pulled over for a DUI the officer may release you, or you may be taken to jail. If you are released you will receive something in the mail. A lot of people think after 60 days, “Oh, I’m free and clear. I’m not going to get anything in the mail.”

But they have up to two years to file charges. It will go into the prosecutor’s office, they will review it, they will write out a charging document, and you will get something in the mail saying you’ve been charged with a DUI.

If you are booked into jail you will be seen by the judge either within a day or two, or if you bail out, you’ll be given a new court date. Either way, you need to get your attorney on board as soon as possible.

Lastly, no matter what, whether you hire an attorney right away or not, you will be given a white piece of paper which advises you that in 60 days there will be consequences taken against your license unless you request a hearing and send out $375 to Department of Licensing.

It’s important, when you are arrested, not to just take all your paperwork and put it away. It won’t go away. Pull out your paperwork, read it, and get into an attorney’s office that handles DUIs.

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