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What if I cannot make my court appearance?

That’s kind of a difficult question because there’s an important distinction to make between a criminal matter and a civil traffic infraction. On a criminal matter, you always have to go to court. On a civil traffic infraction, you do not have to go to court if you hire an attorney to represent you on. Once you call the attorney and hire the attorney, the attorney will file what’s called a Notice of Appearance.

Once we file a Notice of Appearance, we become your attorney of record and we have the authority to act on your behalf. We can go into court for you and fight the ticket. So many times clients say “I would like to hire you, but I do not want to take work off.” The good thing about that, whether it’s a speeding ticket or any other traffic infraction, you do not have to take work off.

We can go in on your behalf, fight the ticket, and hopefully we can either get that ticket dismissed, or amended down to some type of non-moving violation. That will not go on your driving abstract so it never affects your insurance. Don’t let the worry of going to court stop you from hiring a traffic ticket attorney.

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