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What is a deferred finding and how do I use it?

A deferred finding in the state of Washington, is a method by which an individual can keep a ticket off their driving infraction, if they jump through certain hoops. Those hoops include infraction free driving for a period of time. That time is usually six to 12 months.

You also have to pay the administrative fee, anywhere between $100 and $200. That is dependent on the jurisdiction, and the judge that is presiding over your case.

Generally, we do not like using deferred findings unless there is no other possible result or outcome that we could go about helping you get this ticket off your record.

The drawbacks of a deferred finding is that you only get one every seven years. You have to make sure that you do not get another ticket within that six to 12 month timeframe, or that original ticket will go back on your record. There you end up with two tickets.

Make sure you don’t use a deferred finding lightly. It’s your one get out of jail free card. I would recommend, before you go ahead and use a deferred finding, to talk to a good traffic ticket attorney, and let us guide you through the process, and let you weigh out the options.

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