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Bad advice from “Notario Publico” results in denial of local family’s immigration application

Notarios Publicos may be licensed attorneys in Latin America, but Notaries Public are not attorneys in the United States. Notaries Public only have the authority to act as an independent witness in the signing and verification of important documents. They have no legal training or legal expertise.

One family (which understandably prefers to remain unidentified in these uncertain times) recently learned this fact the hard way, when they paid Ismael Delgado, who advertised himself as a “Notario Publico”, to help them submit an immigration application. Their application was denied – potentially jeopardizing their future efforts to successfully immigrate.

“Immigration law is one of the most complicated areas in the legal field,” the Washington State Attorney General’s office says on its website. “Thousands of Washington consumers require immigration-related legal services each year, but unfortunately many individuals, often times relying on referrals from family and friends, are unknowingly defrauded by people claiming to be experts.”

It is very important that you hire a licensed and reputable immigration attorney to assist you with your immigration matters. “Notarios” may charge less, but their advice could get you deported.