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If I’ve been arrested for a DUI in the states, can I still travel to Canada?

Americans with a DUI or DWI could be refused entry to Canada unless they have special permission to enter the country. In fact, every single week there are passengers aboard the Victoria Clipper ferry between Seattle and Victoria who are turned back because of a DUI. While drunk driving is considered a gross misdemeanor in the state of Washington, in Canada, it is a felony, taken very seriously. The US and Canada share criminal databases, meaning any person with a criminal record could be flagged at the border. Canada does not care whether you have speeding tickets, a medical marijuana prescription, or have been intoxicated in public, but the country considers drunk driving an excludable criminal offense.

That being said, the country is beginning to relax their DUI entry rules, and, if you plan ahead, there are other options. To be considered admissible to Canada once you have a DUI, you have two options. A Canada Temporary Resident Permit or TRP will allow you to enter Canada for a limited amount of time—even with a DUI—provided you have a valid reason. Canada Criminal Rehabilitation is a permanent solution which will allow you to enter the country continually, however, cannot be applied until five years have elapsed after completion of your probation and sentencing requirements. Unfortunately, both of these solutions can be legally complex. Having an experienced Washington DUI attorney in your corner can ensure successful navigation of the process.

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