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When should I take a blood alcohol test? When should I not?

There are two types blood alcohol tests.

In the field, officers use a portable breath test. The results of this test are not admissible at court because they are not as accurate. These are preliminary breath tests, and they are not substitutes for evidential tests. However these are used as gauges to give officers an idea of whether or not they are impaired while driving. For example, if you blow a .04 in the field, there is a chance you will not be taken to the station and charged with a DUI. If you blow a .07, they may continue with more field sobriety tests and take you to the station.

And if you fail field sobriety tests you will be arrested. This is why it may be advisable not to do the voluntary field sobriety tests, including the portable breathalyzer. You are allowed to politely decline these tests, but know you may be taken to the station.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, please call a drinking and driving attorney in Tacoma, Washington.

If and when you are taken to the station, this may be the time to take the breathalyzer test. If it is your first time being pulled over for a DUI and you have a clean record, it may be advisable.

Know that while it is not mandatory to take the test in the station, there are consequences that come with refusing it, including risking your license and driving privileges.

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